Best Online Stock Brokers


For an Investor to be successful, the first and foremost requirement is the knowledge that he possesses about the best online stockbrokers to trade with. Although the trader has enormous trading experience and expertise, the ultimate profit-deciding factor lies in selecting a proper and best online stockbroker.


Comparing& Choosing the Right Broker:


So to have a clear picture of how to trade binary options to go ahead and select the one that best suits you, the following procedures might be of great help.


Sort down your requirements:


To select from a whole lot of choices, first one has to know his actual requirements. There might be thousands of features that are offered, but the best and wise move is to select the one that suits you. According to the characteristics of you and your lifestyle, the choice of an online stockbroker has to be made. For e.g., 1. For a trader whose lifestyle includes a lot of travelling, then the main feature that he ahs to consider will be the availability of Mobile trading that would give them the ease of trading on the Go. Whereas For a trader who would place numerous trades in a day, then the main feature that he has to consider would be the cost of placing trades.


Go for a Standard and Acclaimed broker:


It is always wise to trust a broker who is in the market since a long time and the one who has a loyal customer base. These established brokers would have all the features that would be required by the traders, since they know the traders and their wants entirely.


Know the Charges:


Whatever be the choice, it is mandatory that one understands all the hidden and miscellaneous charges that would be included in the trading charges. There are a lot of stockbrokers and platform players in the market who actually lure the customers with their fascinating features, which often feels satiating. But the customer/trader has to get him clarified about the charges that are going to be levied on him. If not the trader has to end up paying most of his earnings to the broker.


Some of the Best Online Stockbrokers:


TD Ameritrade:


TD Ameritrade is one of the best and top ranked Online Stock trader. Its platforms named thinkorswim was ranked the “#1 Desktop Platform” in 2016. With its Trade Architect fully loaded with tools and extraordinary features makes TD Ameritrade the best in education, robust research, mobile apps and a lot more. TD Ameritrade Offers free trading for 60 days and a bonus of up to $600.




E*TRADE tops the online brokers list for its unmatched mobile apps and an a-la-carte of unique offering. It was rated No.1 for Mobile Trading in the Review for the year 2016.  It offers customers research tools and charges just $9.99 per trade just like TD Ameritrade but when calculating the offsets it offers high cost with a stunning and progressiveclient experience. It also offers free trading for 60 days and a bonus of up to $600.




OptionsHouse is the top rated broker for Options trading for the past five consecutive years and also has achieved the No.1 position for best Commissions & Fees. It offers a $4.95 flat fee for stock trades besides offering options trades for $4.95 + $.50 per contract. OptionsHouse offers free trade for 60days.




It offers best competitive rates of just $4.95 for stock trades. With its excellent customer support service and research tools that are comparatively better than its competitors in the market, it has created a strong influence among traders. It is continuing to delight its customers with its innovative inventions with new tools like TradeKing LIVE that proves to be the broker’s mobile friendly trading platform. 



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